Battery progBrain - SMS-331126 Battery Disconnect
Battery progBrain - SMS-331126 Battery Disconnect

Battery progBrain - SMS-331126 Battery Disconnect

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Have you ever experienced the aggravation and inconvenience of your engine not starting? Battery Brains use unique electronic technology to ensure that you will never be stranded again by a dead battery. Gold Battery Brains monitor the battery and isolate the electrical system if they detect an energy drain, to ensure a sufficient charge to start the engine. These small brain boxes feature a manual reset button to activate and easily mount on your vehicle's positive battery terminal. The Gold Battery Brains can include either a wired switch mounted remotely or a wireless remote control to activate the unit, reconnecting the circuit and starting the vehicle. The remotes can also be used to disconnect the battery when leaving the vehicle as an anti-theft feature. Your battery can now have brawn and brains, giving you peace of mind and preventing the loss of valuable time and money.

  • The Battery Prog Brain automatically disconnects your battery from your vehicles electrical system when the battery voltage is at a critically low level (11.8 volts)
  • It is designed to protect batteries from excessive draws on vehicles
  • An ideal accessory for vehicles that are not used on a regular basis to help prolong the life of your battery
  • It also continuously monitors the battery power and health
  • The battery can also be manually disconnected by pushing a button – a great anti theft device!
  • Mounts onto the positive side of your vehicles battery  (all necessary accessories are included)
  • Can use on lead acid, AGM or lithium 12 Volt batteries.

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