PAC - Adjustable voltage adapter

PAC - Adjustable voltage adapter

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VOLT-39 is an adjustable voltage adapter that provides the ability to adjust the voltage output to ensure optimal performance for certain automotive components or devices. The adapter can accept an input voltage of 10V to 24V*, and allows you to change the voltage output to 3.3V, 5V, 6V or 9V. The output voltages are reliable and unaffected by input voltage fluctuations.

No programming is required. Use the 4-position switch to select the desired voltage output and install the VOLT-39.

*Not intended for installation in 24V systems

Product Features
  • 3.3V for some cameras as a replacement power supply
  • 5V uses include turning on the amplifier in older Ford vehicles
  • 6V for OE reverse camera retention
  • 9V for use with a wide range of devices that run on 9V (portable navigation units, radar detectors, etc.)