PAC - RadioPRO Radio Replacement Interface for Select General Motors Vehicles

PAC - RadioPRO Radio Replacement Interface for Select General Motors Vehicles

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All in one radio replacement and SWC interface, the innovative RadioPRO4 comes pre-loaded with amplifier retention and SWC software, navigation based output signals and other features that save time and money during installation.
  • Retains steering wheel controls (pre-programmed)
  • Data controlled accessory and navigation outputs
  • Retains factory amplifier (standard & premium)
  • Retains Rear Seat Controls (most vehicles)
  • Provides factory RSE activation
  • In package updatable using the PAC-UP
Compatibility Notes
  • Does not retain OnStar. For OnStar retention please use the RP5-GM11
  • Sony Bluetooth SWC commands are only supported with revision or higher
* Requires Pac Up module to update

Product Revision History

Product Revision History

Current Revision #:   Description: Adds Alpine VR Command Release Date: 2-13-15

Revision #:    Description: Improved chimes, Seat belt chime improved on 2005 vehicles, Fixes issues seen with illumination output when hi beams are on, Improved SWC’s on 2011-13 Corvette, Adds Sony bluetooth SWC support, Improves reliability in Hummer H2 Release Date: 9-23-13

Revision #: 1.3.5    Description: Improved EQ settings for smart amp, Fixes issues seen with SWC when used with Alpine & JVC head units, adds Kenwood Bluetooth function support for SWC  Release Date:

Revision #: 1.3.4    Description: Reduces current draw  Release Date:

Revision #: 1.3.2    Description: Improves reliability  Release Date: 1-22-13

Revision #: 1.3.1    Description: Initial Release  Release Date: 12-21-12


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