Plasti Dip DipCleaner+

Plasti Dip DipCleaner+

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DipCleaner+ is perfect for all your liquid wrap cleaning needs.

DipCleaner+ is a product that was conceived and thoroughly tested for cleaning Plasti Dip® and related products. It can also be used to clean anything and everything, it is an extremely versatile cleaner.

-Easy to apply and rinse
-Removes and cleans road grim, tar and tough dirt
-Removes and cleans deep winter salt with east without leaving salt streaks
-Aids in drying as it's also a degreaser
-Can be used on wheels as well as the entire vehicle
-Will also work perfecly for cleaning under the hood, the engine and surrounding parts

1- Rinse your vehicle completely to achieve a wet surface across your whole vehicle, it is also recommended to rinse off any loose dirt.
2- Spray your DipCleaner+ accross one section at a time, using the fine mist setting is ideal.
3- Let is sit for 20-45 seconds.
4- Using a wet cleaning mit, lightly scrub the panel until the surface has been completely covered
5- Rinse the DipCleaner+ off your panel
6- Repeat for the rest of the vehicle

*NOTE - This product should be kept away from freezing temperatures.