SpeedDemon Harness Splitter (1HP AMP -> 4 Deutsch DT)

SpeedDemon Harness Splitter (1HP AMP -> 4 Deutsch DT)

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This LED Light Harness Splitter features 1HP AMP 2-pin connector to 4 Deutsch DT 2-pin connectors. This splitter enables you to wire up 4 LED lights of 72W or less per light. For use with the HP1 Harness. Compatible with DRC, DRE, SRC, DRCX, and all of our work lights and driving lights. Maintain your product's lifetime warranty by using these products.


LED Light Harness Splitter 

  • 1HP AMP 2-pin Connector -> 4 Deutsch DT 2-pin Connectors
  • 72W maximum per light
  • 45cm wires
  • 14AWG Wire

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